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Hal Davidson has planned, produced and promoted concerts, music festivals, circuses, ice shows, trade shows and served as a stellar marketing executive in the worlds of retail, resorts and casinos. Hal’s past is vast! His drive is based on bringing people together. Presently for 2021, along with consulting on concerts and festivals, he is building a country music festival park in rural Tennessee, Rockinhorse Ranch for 2021.

There are only a handful of festival producers and promoters in the world with this degree of understanding of the myriad of details required to present a quality music festival. Hal Davidson possesses that magical mix of creativity, pragmatism, project dedication, drive,hard work and highly detailed event execution, drawn on both old and new industry standards and experiences.

"A brilliant talent in the world: Hal Davidson, a highly motivational personality with a sharp wit and brimming with decades of experience marketing in a variety of industries. His opinions and advice have always been spot-on when it comes to understanding the mindsets of buyers. Hal Davidson is a writer of industry standard books see: www.concert-promotions.com … who is literally a legend in marketing and concert/ festival management, as well as an astute business tactician with lengthy experience in media services procurement and public relations. Hal and I have worked together in the past, and I have personally experienced the successes of his out-of-the box perspectives." Mick Robert, Connecticut Businessman, 2011

"There are at least 40 cost centers on a concert, at least 75 in major music festival, and you have to be proficient at all of them. That skill set takes decades, continuing your learning every day. This entertainment planet is changing every year…making daily market adjustments for the new-world ticket buyer is now essential for survival and success. There is always more." Hal said.

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Each event requires a special formula for a sound lift-off, smooth running event execution, community relations and profitable end.

After 40 years of promoting, Hal Davidson feels that only large format music festivals can provide the level of security that principals and stakeholders demand. These events cost between $600,000.- multi-millions. The top 10 music festival in America spend millions on talent alone. Hal said, "Only major festivals afford the stakeholders enough revenue streams and drawing power to minimize the risk…a festival project’s major components are about transparent honesty, relationships, organization, operational capacity, communication, venue, artist level and funding."



Stompin' 76 Festival Concert stage Hal with Australian planning team
Hal with '73 Spitfie-backstage road WV
Hal with Ohio Fest Crew
  • Stagehand - Local Union 720, Las Vegas, 70's at MGM Grand and Las Vegas Hilton (incl. one of Elvis’ last shows)
  • Promotions Manager - 4 Downtown Las Vegas Casinos, picked by owner Herb Pastor; Sassy Sally’s Golden Goose, Glitter Gulch, Coin Castle, 70’s
  • President and Founder of Cactus Productions, Las Vegas, 1975 Promoter of many rock and R&B concerts in Baltimore, MD.
  • Promoter - Stompin 76 Galax, VA (100,000 attended) Aug. 6, 7, 8 '76
  • Regional Marketing Director Ringling Bros. & Barnum and Bailey Circus - Ice Follies and Holiday On Ice, D.C., Late 70's
  • Director of Marketing Marvin's Sport City, MD, '80-84
  • Director of Marketing National Sports Warehouse, 80's
  • Marketing Director - Vacation Break USA, FL 1988-92
  • Marketing Director ' Safari Internet, FL 1997-99
  • Author - How Not To Promote Concerts & Music Festivals
  • Promoter - Stompin 79 & 99, WV
  • Show Manager- Super Pet Expo, MD, 06-'07
  • Designer of JamSouth, TN '07
  • Promoter - Unite Concerts, UniteFest, TN '08
  • Author -  How To Promote Concerts Simplified ‘08
  • Event Producer - Live At The Zoo Music Festival, South Australia, Acacia Circuitree, Electro festival, inside a Festival 2009
Hal with Australian planning team

Concert & Festival Consulting

  • Sticks Country Music Festival, AL
  • Rio Grande Scenic Railroad Concerts/ Fests, CO
  • Motek Music Festival, Canada
  • Tour of Blues, CA
  • Bayside Rocks, FL
  • Teen Music Tour Fest, TX
  • Anasazi Music Fest, UT
  • AMF Music/ MC Fest, TX
  • One Summer Music Festival, Australia
  • Electric Island Music Fest, FL
  • Green Mountain Race Track, VT
  • Under One Sky Music Festival, NJ
  • New Year’s Splash, FL
  • Tour of Blues, CA
  • Spring Break Splash, FL
  • ABS Entertainment, FL
  • Love of Sounds Ltd, UK
  • Bay Bridge Fest, MS
  • Event 64, CO
  • Jazzcation, Costa Rica
  • Operation Chillout, NJ
  • Caiala World Music, FL
  • Rock The South, AL
  • Carver Theater Festival, LA
  • Aimee Copeland Benefit Festival, GA
  • Cyprus Super Yacht Festival, Cyprus
  • Rock Fiesta, TX
  • Concert and Festival Consultant to many promoters worldwide.
  • NW Arkansas Amphitheater, AR
  • Rock the Country, VA
  • Shinetown, TN
  • In 2021, consulting and positively promoting post-pandemic.

The Best Is Up Ahead!

Hal in AustraliaLive at the zoo poster

Hal works on-site or remotely, assisting on particular segments of your event or entire project management to fit your need remotely. Some retain Hal at a low price just for on-demand phone call and email guidance, or just order one of his professional concert and festival promoting books. Sold to promoters in 26 countries!

For professional festival planning, promotion and production, you can’t afford not to pay for excellence.

Concert & Festival Consulting to accommodate your special needs.
Every event is unique.
Every Promoter has a different signature.

Festival Consulting Menu

  • Project management or assist or manage parts
  • Concept and Feasibility Discussion
  • Due Diligence- County/ permits research, site layout
  • Cost and Revenue Sheet Formulation
  • Festival Business Plans, Marketing Plans, Co-promotional Agreements or Sponsor Proposals
  • Search for Festival sites, Layout & Set-up
  • Local Legal Research
  • Ticketing Advice and Operations (there are now many alternatives)
  • On-site Operations from Staffing to Waste Control
  • Vendor Villages, Applications, Pricing, Packages
  • Phone or email Coaching

More Festival Consulting Options

  • Fest Transportation Systems
  • Road Construction, Water Works/ Sanitary
  • Security
  • Camping/ Parking Planning
  • Festival Web Site Design/ Merchandising/ Marketing/ SEO
  • Marketing, Conventional and Online:
  • Advertising
  • Promotions
  • Public Relations
  • Viral marketing, Social networks
  • Viral/ web
  • Merchandising/ VIP Packages
  • Vendor/ Concessions/ Beverage - Distribution/ Operations
  • Administration
  • Staffing
  • Festival Site Production

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