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Music Festival Consultant Hal Davidson Contracted to Plan the New Nashville Guitar Festival

Veteran festival producer hired to design major weekend guitar festival, guide and assist new music festival in Nashville scheduled for 2015.

Jul. 18, 2014 - On May 6, 2014, David A. Williams of Franklin, Tennessee, owner of Nashville Guitar Festival, LLC, "NGF" contracted Hal Davidson, an established festival producer based in the Wash., D.C. area to plan a new music festival to be held October 2,3,4 2015 in Nashville.

David Williams, a Tennessee businessman and guitarist, percolated the dream event long enough and was ready to execute. But he'd never produced a major music festival before.

In 2014 Williams purchased a copy of Davidson's best-selling HOW NOT TO PROMOTE CONCERTS & MUSIC FESTIVALS. Soon after, the two entered into a phone and email dialogue with David explaining his concept. Davidson loved it and saw that promoting a guitar festival featuring an all-star lineup of internationally known guitarists and David's idea of inviting Nashville's best local guitarists on other stages, well, you can see the collective excitement. Guitarists would come from all over the world to see such historic jams.

Williams flew Davidson in to measure and reconnoiter the site and meet with production and security contractors. In July, 2014, the Nashville Fairgrounds (aka Expo Center) rental agreement was signed and a substantial deposit tendered within a month. The Nashville Guitar Festival was born

Davidson went to work. Drawing up a site plan, composing a Festival Plan, Budget and Revenue forecasts and consulting David almost daily planning the details. Providing festival accounting, legal documents, operations planning, marketing, sponsorship paperwork and strategies, ticketing, a site layout including a vendor village, guitar row and stage production. Davidson contacted his talent buyer, Florida based David Drobena and within a couple weeks a letter was developed showing a world-class million dollar menu of potential performers. The amazing list was jaw-dropping. Hal had pulled most fo the event together in just 10 weeks. Hal was exactly what David Williams needed, help navigating through the maze of festival details.

By mid-July Williams remarked in an email to Davidson, "You have performed your services extremely well.... I really appreciate everything you have done. He told Davidson the day before, "you are why we have come this far". Davidson had completed the advance planning and now had other projects awaiting his service including Country Boom in Wisconsin, a new 3 –day campout country music festival being planned for 2016. Hal is also now working on his own events including Rock Fiesta, a 3-day Latino Rock Spectacular to be held near McAllen, Texas in 2015.

Davidson offers a unique concert and festival consulting service through www.rentapromoter.com. His books offer rare, extensive promoting advice and vital information at www.concert-promotions.com.

Hal Davidson has consulted on concerts and festivals in almost every state and in many countries, many times remotely, not even meeting the client. "It's amazing what skype and email can accomplish, I don't always take the lead role, many times I just perform enough due diligence to write an Investor Plan and Budget or the Marketing Plan. Sometimes I am retained just to give advice and make recommendations. I can do a little or do a lot, it depends what each client and each festival needs, they are all different."

It's all ok with Hal. He loves his work and it shows 7 days a week through his exhaustive and relentless pursuit to exceed any client festival expectations. "It’s taken almost 40 years to learn this much and it’s changing every year."

Hal Davidson can be reached at hal@rentapromoter.com or by calling 240-848-0889 Eastern time.